keyword - Precious Memento Photography by Dianne Carla Antonio | Manila Newborn and Baby Photographer

Our life is a sum of a thousand brief special moments.
And photographs make our memories of these moments come alive. . .


I have been a Newborn and Baby Photographer after giving up my nine to five job on 2016 to follow my passion.

We all have a God-given talent and I believe mine is knowing when to freeze the moment with a camera. I fell in love with photographing babies as, more than the fact that their cute, I love the challenge. It requires a lot of patience, dedication, and hard work, and it takes knowing when it feels right to hit the shutter button just to provide clients with the best images they can pass on to generations.

Nothing makes my heart happier than seeing my clients' smiles upon seeing their baby in my works of art.

Know more about the sessions that we offer. We have dedicated an entire page and detailed everything you need to know about our sessions before booking - from optimum age of babies to pricing.

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