The Photographer: Dianne Carla Antonio

I was beyond pleased that absolutely none of my fears was a problem! Dianne handled our baby with finess and utmost patience, she's a pro! It was an amazing experience that we will cherish for the long time and the best part of it is we have pictures to show for it.
Adelfa Arguel, 2019 (Pregnancy & Newborn Client)

I am a portrait photographer based in Pasay City, Philippines who specializes in creating fine art images of newborns, babies, and their families. I consider it a privilege to be the person who captures a family's milestones and preserve them in images that wouldn't get out of style even through generations.

I am not a mother (at least not yet), so before I started handling newborn clients I invested on hours upon hours on both hands on and online workshops on safety in baby handling and posing with world-renowned Newborn Photographers. In fact, I still continue to invest in workshops until now as I believe that no matter how experienced, one could never be too knowledgable when it comes to baby's safety.

From here on, you will know that your baby's safety is my number one priority. Second to that is to provide you with beautiful fine art prints that you can decorate your home with. I grew up in a household where we can still marvel at and treasure images on print even now in the digital age. I want you to have the same experience each time you look at the walls around your home, or flip through the pages of an album and see your family's history. Remember, your images are never meant to be stored digitally in a dusted USB and be forgotten. Your family's images are meant to be printed and displayed in the most beautiful way. <3

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