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Referral Program

everyone is now welcome to join (not just previous clients)

tiered incentives so you get more as more of your referred friends book with us.

get up to four incentives, not just one, within the valid period.

no purchase or prior booking needed. Claim Tiers 2 and 3 incentives as soon as they are available. No need to wait for your next session booking.

✔ can be combined with the all new Loyalty Program (for all our return clients)

1. Send your friends our way.

2. They book any regular portrait session with us.

3. We will gift them with ₱2,500 referral credits.

4. You will receive any or all of these exciting incentives.


FOR THE REFERRER (i.e. you, the one who refers)

1. Referral count will begin on the booking date of the first successful referral and will reset to zero after a year or after the 4th tier has been completed, whichever comes first. The Referrer can get all tier incentives as long as they reach the required number of successful referral bookings within one-year period.

2. Referrer incentives will be available one day after the session day of the Referee who completed the tier requirement. (Example: The 12x12 canvas wall art will be available to the Referrer one day after the session day of their third Referee.)

3. The Referrer will be notified via e-mail, direct message, and/or text for every successful referral booking and as soon as their incentives can be claimed.

4. Referrer incentives can be claimed anytime within a year after they have been awarded, after which, they will be forfeited. Each incentive can only be claimed by the Referrer once per given period.

4.a. Tier 1 incentive. The five (5) additional final images can be applied to your most recent session with us or from your next session within a year after the incentive has been awarded.

4.b. Tier 2 & 3 Incentives. Print incentives are inclusive of shipping fee.

4.c. Tier 4 Incentive. The free session must be claimed at least three months prior the desired session date (subject to availability of dates) as long as the session date falls within a year after the incentive has been awarded.

5. Referrer incentives are transferrable but not convertible to cash, nor can it be used in conjunction with any other promotions.

FOR THE REFEREE (i.e. the friend you referred to us)

1. The Referee will automatically get ₱2,500 referral credits upon booking.

2. Referral credits can be used once towards their booked session; OR for purchasing five (5) additional final digital images; OR towards additional prints.

3. Referral credits expire within two (2) months of the Referee's session date.

4. Referral credits are non-transferrable, not convertible to cash, nor can it be used in conjunction with any other promotions.


1. Only bookings where the Referee indicated the name of their Referrer on the online booking form can be counted in the referral program.

2. Only one Referrer at a time can be indicated in the online booking form.

3. Cancelled Referee bookings will not count towards the number of successful referrals.

4. Referees will be considered return clients on their next booking and will never be considered as Referees again. However, they are welcome to join the Referral Program as a Referrer.

5. Items, prices, and terms are subject to change without prior notice.

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