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(On their biggest fear before hiring us...) The unknown - just imgine... clueless first time parents with a 28-day old baby, how would the session run in general, the end result -- I thought Precious Memento would over promise and under deliver.
I was beyond pleased that absolutely none of my fears was a problem! Dianne handled our baby with finess and utmost patience, she's a pro! It was an amazing experience that we will cherish for the long time and the best part of it is we have pictures to show for it.
(On their favorite part of our service...) We love everything! I personally appreciate the prep guide sent by Precious Memento before the photoshoot. That was really a big help. Timely response on my inquires and questions through email. Dianne was so warm, friendly and professional. She knows how to get the best shots and the perfect angles. More than the beautiful photos, we loved the experience. It was more than we could have imagined.
It is super worth it. As your children grow, they will look back at their baby photos and understand how important they were to you right from the beginning of their little life. They will recognize how you cherish and celebrated every milestone with them by merely looking at the photos.
This will be your first love letter to him/her. 😊
Adelfa Arguel, 2019 (Pregnancy & Newborn Client)

(On their biggest fear before hiring us...) I think not getting my money’s worth. It was really worth it ❤️
(On their favorite part of our service...) That it was home service, I didn’t have to bring my baby out. Also that Dianne knows how to handle the baby really well plus you are on time if not early. Very professional. Didn’t seem to rush the shoot.
Michelle King, 2019 (Newborn Client)

(On their biggest fear before hiring us...) One of my biggest fears is that you and your team can't handle my baby since my baby used to be awake in the morning and I was really amazed to see how you controlled and made my baby sleep during the session.
(On their favorite part of our service...) My favorite part of our session with Precious Memento is I can easily communicate what I want with Dianne and she will listen and suggest what's the best for us. And also, how she handled my baby very very well. I love all the results of the photo session.
I would highly highly recommend Precious Memento to all my pregnant friends in Manila. I fell in love at first sight to their work and I am really satisfied with the results.
Irina Dewi, 2019 (Newborn Client)

(On their biggest fear before hiring us...) Will the quality be the same as studio version? Still felt like real studio at the convenience of our home.
(On their favorite part of our service...) Can relate well with our baby. You can feel that you care for our baby. I felt secured kasi makikita mo na sanay mag handle ng baby. Generous with the shots with different position and angles. Easy work with.
She knows her craft well. Very creative. And above all amazing customer service.
Sharon Claire Soriano, 2019 (Newborn & Milestone Client)

(On their biggest fear before hiring us...) Our biggest fear was for my baby not to be comfortable with photo session as well as the time that she will cooperate since she was a newborn. Actually, once Dianne had handled my baby and began to dressed her with her costumes, all our fears fade away because she was very pretty, serene and just so adorable. :) Also, the price for the session was really worth it given the expertise and professionalism of Dianne and we can see her passion on this.
(On their favorite part of our service...) The clothes and props!!! They were really lovely especially when worn by babies.
Kaye Ann Roces, 2018 (Newborn Client)

(On their biggest fear before hiring us...) I was worried on how the baby will be handled. Our son was born premature and he was very tiny at the time of the photoshoot. I felt relieved when I saw how gently they handled my baby. They made sure that the baby is comfortable with the poses and they were in no rush to take the shots.
(On their favorite part of our service...) The part where they bring the studio to you. This is one of the main reasons why we picked Precious Memento. Since I am a first time mom, I felt that bringing my newborn out for the first few weeks is a huge production number. So it's very convenient to have the studio brought to you. If the baby gets fussy, at least you'll have everything you need in the comfort of your own home.
Highly recommended! You won't regret the investment.
Jomi Bautista, 2019 (Newborn Client)

(On their biggest fear before hiring us...) Before the session, I was worried if my baby will be comfortable during the shoot and how you will be able to calm him. Also, I was curious about the props you will be bringing and if the whole outcome would meet my expectations.
(On their favorite part of our service...) I appreciated that you were very patient when my baby started to get fussy and it took a while before he calmed down as well as you making the effort to help in calming him down by carrying and rocking him. I also like that you were easy to talk to and very accommodating given my booking request was last minute.
You're talented and a professional and the outcome of our session exceeded my expectations.
Christine del Rosario, 2019 (Newborn Client)

(On their biggest fear before hiring us...) To be honest, I did not have any worries because you were highly recommended by a friend who also happens to be your client. And after our maternity shoot, i have even proven that i'm working with a creative and a professional. I felt safe and comfortable that's why i knew that my baby will be taken cared of during his photo session.
(On their favorite part of our service...) I like how you treat your clients as your friend and how you are open to our inputs. I never felt that the shoots were merely business transaction. Also, i saw that your ultimate goal is to ensure that your clients - the parents - are truly happy with the shoot's outcome.
I have actually told my friends about Precious Memento and that you have a unique and creative concept, and you really take care of your clients.
Pebbles Ogang, 2019 (Pregnancy & Milestone Client)

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