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Photography gift registry is a complimentary service we offer to all our clients so friends and family can help contribute to your memories and give you something truly meaningful to you.  Instead of them giving you gifts they are not even sure you'll need, you can let them know that what you truly want is for these important milestones in your baby and family's lives be documented by a professional photographer.

Registry F.A.Q.s

How does it work?

When you opt to avail of the photo registry service, we will setup a private registry page for you and send you the link thru email so you can already start sharing it to your friends and family. Viewable in the private registry page are type of session and package you wish to book and any additional products you want to get from Precious Memento Photography. The percentage of costs that are already covered will also appear there.

When should I request for a registry?

The earlier you request for a registry, the better. We recommend that you request for a registry months before celebrations like your baby shower, baby's baptism, or your baby's birthday. This way, you have plenty of time to share it to your friends and family before your scheduled session. (And also so that your friends and family haven't bought their gifts for you yet!)

Which type of session can I request a registry for?

You can request a registry for any type of session we're currently offering (pregnancy, newborn, milestone, family).

Which products can I include in my registry?

You can include any of the prints we are currently offering such as albums, wall arts, gift prints, and desk arts.

What if the accumulated credits are not enough to cover the package I booked?

Registry credits will be applied first to the session package you booked and any excess will be applied to any product add ons in your registry. As our client, you shall be responsible in settling any balances for the session package in case your registry credits are not enough. To avoid inconveniences, the retainer of at least 50% of the total package rate must be settled at least a month before your scheduled session date. Note that your session is only considered booked once we receive at least the equivalent of the retainer.

I already booked my session and paid the retainer. Can I still open a registry?

Yes, provided that your session is scheduled no earlier than one (1) month in the future. We will include the remaining balance in your registry page and any other products you want to include.

Can I convert credits to cash or refund any amount in case I change my mind?

Any accumulated registry credits are non-transferrable, non-refundable and are not convertible to cash. 

Do the credits expire?

Credits do not expire and any excess credits can be used towards any of your future sessions with us.

I want to give the full session fees as a gift, do I still need to join the registry?

You need not join the registry if you wish to book a session as a gift.

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